Silo Boxers

The most overlooked yet critical part of a skater's attire is their boxers. Silo was created to put an end to the bad boxer blues. Hungry Butt, Peek-a-boo Penis, The Twist or even a full-scale Blow Out ruined many a day and left some skaters resorting to freeballing. They say necessity is the mother of invention.....

Silo Boxers were created out of this need. The need to skate unrestricted by what your wearing. These boxers are made for skaters, by skaters. Designed to free your movement and package from what has been holding you back for years.

The boxers are made with soft cotton fabric so they feel like your standard boxers but we have woven into the fabric small percent of elastane to allow the boxers to give with your every move. The result, a boxer that feels like you want yet skates like no other boxer on the market. We have also included a super soft waist-band so you won't get irritation that you have to scratch which would scare away the ladies.

Not only are these the best boxers to skate in, they are best boxers to wear around town. With the condom buddy pocket Silo makes sure your ready for any situation. We got you covered in every way you need.

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